Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Some cheap LEGO stuff at Target this week!

I saw the Wreck Raider (above), which is a very worthy set, with a couple of bucks knocked off its worth. Great vehicle, a diver and a shark man! If Ben doesn't have it yet, I recommend it (before Saturday, when the sale ends).

Also, Prince of Persia sets are now showing up at TRU. Ostriches! Camels! Cool new hats!


JPX said...

Excellent! I wanted to get Ben an Easter gift and this just might be the ticket. I love the Persia set (although the film will probably be lame!). Thanks for the toy tip!

JPX said...

I gave Ben the Ostrich set for Easter and he loved it!

JPX said...

Picked up that Atlantis set too, cool!