Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Some of the new JLU coolness headed our way

See a ton more examples, here


JPX said...

The Penguin looks like Alfred Hitchcock.

Octopunk said...

Did I mention I saw a single carded Aquaman? I was considering getting him despite my current poverty, but then I noticed the basic JLU figs had hiked up to 8.99 (!) at Target. So lame. He was cool, though. His orange "shirt" or whatever had a very subtle sheen.

These look pretty damn good! I dig Alfred Penguin, and that Firestorm looks cool.

I'm going to have to do another roundup of all the figures I don't have soon. Because it's a lot.

JPX said...

OMG, I didn't know they hiked up the price!!! This is definitely going to impact on my choices. Five bucks felt very fair for these figures but almost doubling the price does not. At KMART Star Wars figures are $9! I'm going to become more of a cherry picker than ever now.